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Other Comments

"Should anyone want a reference for you as a painting instructor you may use my name and recommendation.  I've taken a great variety of art classes and workshops over the past ten years and found your teaching skills to be among the best.  You were well prepared, utilized good techniques with student involvement, and conveyed useful information.” 

--Doug Coleman, student, Jacksonville, FL 

“I have no reservations in strongly recommending Anthony as an art instructor.  In addition to being a accomplished artist, Anthony provides a wealth of practical written material coupled with assignments focused on developing the student as opposed to only providing passive feedback.” 

--Wilf Cameron, student, St Augustine, FL 

"Stu and I really enjoyed taking your class.  As total novices we felt comfortable and were able to learn a lot from you.  It was fun and we hope to take another class. God bless you for your patience!" 

--Brooke and Stu Caplin 

“Anthony Whiting teaches two classes Acrylic Painting – beginning to intermediate and intermediate to advanced at Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach.   He is an immensely popular teacher with students who follow him from semester to semester.  I have had only positive feedback on Anthony since he has been an instructor with our program.”  

--Teresa Clark, Community Education Coordinator, Fletcher High School, Neptune Beach, FL 904-247-5905, #1008 

"I wanted to thank you for the skills you gave me over a year ago in the Hobby Lobby Saturday class.  Many of your tips and suggestions were invaluable.  Since I completed that class I retired and took your suggestion and got in some drawing classes.  I just sold a painting that was on display at the St. Augustine Art association show "Wild Florida", where I now live.  Thanks again and I hope others get as much out of your classes as I did." 

- Pamela Bell, student

"I really enjoyed the workshop and the company. Look forward to trying new ideas, like underpainting, the filbert brush technique, as well as continuing practicing my short, choppy strokes."
-- Tom McCrary

Several unsolicited comments from students to Teresa Clark AT FLETCHER HIGH SCHOOL with regard to Anthony’s classes: 

“He’s a great teacher. When I came in for the first class I had no art experience.  In one of the first classes we learned how to paint pears.  After several tries mine actually looked like a pear with all the shading and everything.  I couldn’t believe it!” 

“I’ve taken painting lessons all over the world and even studied with an internationally known artist on the West Coast.  None of them compares with the instruction I receive in Anthony’s class.” 

“My husband has been drawing and painting on his own since we were first married.  He really enjoys Anthony and has learned so much in this class.” 

“I followed his instruction to add a little color to my pear and used red.  He didn’t make me feel dumb since he really was looking for a brighter shade of green! He really encourages us and makes us feel like we’re progressing even though we’re still beginning students.”

  •      Titanium White (not Zinc White)
  •      Cadmium Yellow Medium
  •      Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow
  •      Cadmium Red Medium
  •      Napthol Crimson or Alizarin Crimson
  •      Ultramarine Blue
  •      Cerulean Blue

  •      Flat brushes in sizes such as: #4, #6, #8
  •      Plastic water container
  •      Spray bottle for use with water
  •      Two sheets textured watercolor paper
  •      Sketch pad 
  •      Palette or paper or plastic plates for mixing paints
  •      Palette knife
  •      Clean rags
  •      Drawing supplies: Drawing pad, soft lead pencil, eraser
  •      Pen and note paper for taking notes
Fee Payment

Recent comments by some of the students in a 2016 Island Art Association painting workshop:

"I enjoyed the workshop.  Most of what you covered was very useful -- focal points, grids, empty shapes, color exercise, etc. The color wheel was perhaps the most valuable.  I enjoyed that the most as it was doable and would have great future utility.  -- Patricia Martocci"

"The workshop exceeded my expectations.  The actual information shared was excellent and I also enjoyed and found useful and challenging the practical application of this data.  I appeciated getting knowledgeable help in my attempt to execute a painting.  Keep up the wonderful instruction.  -- Dana Day"

"The workshop definitely met my expectations.  Most valuable to me was your presentation of color theory and making a color wheel 
which we were able to use to select colors to paint a picture in class.  I also appreciate the offer to comment on our paintings and 
offer advice at any time after the class ended.  -- Linda Johnston"

"I was pleasantly surprised when you discussed cool/warm acrylic paints and how to use them to get better hues. I was glad to have the opportunity to re-visit the color wheel again. I liked your Analogous Color wheel you presented.  I love "color" so your instruction was interesting and informative.  Your steps to creating an artwork helped to slow me down and reflect on some of my artwork. Much of the art making process is intuitive for me. However, I believe that your steps can be an excellent process to really understand and see the uniqueness of one's artwork.  -- Susan Schraft"

"I really was grateful to be at the workshop.  It exceeded my expectations.  For me the most valuable part was doing the split primary color wheel and the progressive blending of colors with the short strokes. I really liked doing the shorter project of painting the first day.  I also really liked focusing on the six-step process and doing the drawing.  Thank you for a great workshop.  -- Ellen Petersen"

​Registration for the above courses can be made by phone, email or letter.  A registration fee of $50 is required to secure your place in the course and can be paid conveniently by credit card on the Whiting Studios website or by cash or check.  Fees for beginner and intermediate level courses  and for the workshops can be paid to be paid by cash or check at first class less the registration fee.   Class size is limited.

Materials are to be provided by students. Several art supply stores in Jacksonville will provide discounts when the Whiting Studios course description is mentioned to them.  The materials list for classes is provided further down on this Whiting Studios website page.

Paintings by award-winning international fine artist, painting instructor and exhibition juror Anthony Whiting

​Whiting Studios

A few Student Painting examples

Following are acrylic paints and materials for class work to be provided by the student, although similar colors to those above can be used instead of those if a student already has them.  

painting instruction BY aNTHONY WHITING

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These classes are structured for either beginners or for persons some experience with acrylic, watercolor or acrylic painting.  The classes can fit into the schedules of the persons involved and can be held in several locations in the Jacksonville area including the Hobby Lobby store at Beach Blvd and San Pablo Rd.  Drawing skills not essential. Preregistration is required by email to awhiting@whitingstudios.com or by phone 904-234-1422 to register and for any questions.   There is a three hour minimum.   Fees for private students and students in small classes: 

  • For one student:  $40 per hour
  • For two students:  $25 per hour per student
  • For three or four students:  $20 per hour per student


For information, next starting dates and to register for Anthony's courses at UNF OLLI please contact OLLI at:  (904) 620-4200  or  (904) 620-4244 Fax, www.unfolli.org, jeanette.toohey@unf.edu 12000 Alumni Drive,  Jacksonville, FL 32224


Instruction includes an introduction to the use of colors in painting and simplified color theory, best methods for mixing paints, blending,

negative shape painting, learning a variety of brush strokes, achieving visual color depth through glazing, the essential considerations

of composition and how those considerations are affected by a painting's center of interest and values/tones, paint transparency and opacity,

under-painting and visual textures.  


Instruction includes an advanced level of expertise with various types of compositions, highly developed uses of colors and textures that

are both visual and physical and how those considerations are affected by the center of interest, values/tones, paint transparency and

opacity, short choppy strokes vs blending, glazing, under-painting and textures, expressing feeling, emotion and passion instead of just

literal images -- Van Gogh, in letter to his brother Theo: “There’s something inside me trying to get out!”, stencilling, loosening up your 

painting, critiquing paintings including your own, titan buff plus glazing liquid over bringht colors to make them less prominent, rhythms

in painting.  Painting subject matter for classes is varied and can be still life or photos that you or the instructor can provide.