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Paintings by award-winning international fine artist, painting instructor and exhibition juror Anthony Whiting

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​​​​​Anthony is a prize-winning professional artist, painting instructor and art exhibition juror who has worked internationally as an architect in the past but in recent years has devoted himself entirely to painting, teaching and art exhibitions.  Inspiration for his painting comes from nature in all its forms -- floral, birds, animal, aquatic life and geological formations.  One of Anthony's favorite quotes:  "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."  - Frank Lloyd Wright​​​

Anthony was the proud recipient of the brAIDS ARTreach 2006 First Prize award for his painting “Lilly Pond Treasure” In Jacksonville, FL and was the signature artist the following year. He also received the Best of Show 2013 Award at the Art-On-The-Green Show in 2013.   We invite you to visit numerous images of Anthony's artwork under the "Portfolio" tab.​​​  Many of his paintings have been in one-man and group exhibitions in England and the East coast of the US.

​    ​​​​Painting Instruction by Anthony

Anthony leading a painting workshop at the Art Center Cooperative at The Landing, Jacksonville, FL.

I feel as if I am a citizen of the world, having travelled in over 30 countries, lived in 8 of those countries and, due to necessity, learned 4 new languages.  Most of my living abroad was due to serving in the US Peace Corps followed by a career with an international hospital planning architectural firm based in the US, Italy and then England before returning to the US.  All of the above has resulted in a passion for knowlege of health care for people everywhere, 

whether for outpatient clinics in Tunisia, areawide healthcare planning in Nigeria or hospitals in a major US city. 

I later left the field of architecture in healthcare planning to devote my full time to creating paintings.  Almost all of my painting was -- and still is -- based on a love and passion for nature, including trees, forests, flowers, fruit, water in lakes and seashores and, especially, shore birds of Florida, the state where I now live.  Birds can be especailly significant to patients due to a birds' ability to leave a current location and fly, fly away!  Also, a number of my paintings include a kind-hearted sense of humor that connects directly to humanity and healing.

My past experience with planning health care facilities has dealt primarily with physical illness for patients but I am fully aware that complete health care involves dealing with the spiritual aspects of patients as well.  I understand the need for nature and beauty and colors and music in maintaining or providing total healthcare for people that includes spiritual health.  One aspect of this effect on health is particularly evident when considering "shinrin-yoku" a Japanese term for "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing”, which has now become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japan and elsewhere.  The website has further information on this special concept.

In view of all of the above I am now actively continuing my painting that includes subject matter relating to nature, knowing that it can and does indeed affect the total health of people all over the world.  

​Anthony's Artist Statement

​Whiting Studios


The next scheduled painting courses this year by Anthony will be announced soon.  Courses consist of: demonstrations with acrylic paints, best brush

strokes to use, mixing paints, new painting techniques, simplified color

theory, choosing succesful color schemes, producing visual and physical 

textures in paintings, how achieving good composition can make all the difference for the successful impact of a painting, the importance of

establishing a center of interest, one-on-one coaching and informational handouts. Drawing skills not required. Bring photos as reference for

painting exercises or use photos provided in class.  

Prohibited during classes: producing masterpieces!  Classes are for 

learning, learning, learning.  But -- students are encouraged to produce

masterpieces after classes to be reviewed in a subsequent class or,

at any time after the course ends -- yes, even months after.

The instruction fee for the course is $195.   Materials and paints are at students’ expense.  A list of materials and paint colors can be found

on this website by scrolling down on the “CLASSES” tab above.  Paints

that a student may already have that are similar to those listed are fine. 

 A registration fee of $50 is required to secure your place in the course

and can be paid conveniently by credit card on this Whiting Studios

website on the "CLASSES" page or by cash or check mailed to Anthony

at 2238 Twin Pines Circle West, Jacksonville, FL 32246.  Fees for the course itself can be paid by cash or check at first class, less the

registration fee.  Class size is limited so please register early. 


NEWS RELEASE:     The company Expertise, LLC in Seattle, WA  announced that having examined 178 painting and drawing teachers in Jacksonville, FL , they selected Anthony's company, Whiting Studios, to be among the top 9 painting and drawing teachers in this city.  Expertise, LLC specializes in helping connect people with experts in their community by

examining the best local professionals in US cities.   Their website is

​​Anthony is especially well qualified to teach painting in view of 40 years' experience teaching beginner and intermediate level students in 
London, England while working there as an architect and later in Connecticut where as a professional artist he taught painting classes.  Anthony's extensive teaching experience just in the Jacksonville area includes:

  •    Adult education classes at Fletcher High School
  •    The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
  •    A private art gallery
  •    Several major art stores
  •    Artists Guild of Orange Park
  •    The University of North Florida OLLI program
  •    Presentations for The Plantation Artists Guild in Amelia Island
  •    The Art Center Cooperative in Jacksonville
  •    A workshop at the Island Art Association in Fernandina Beach
  •    Cypress Village