Paintings by award-winning international fine artist, painting instructor and exhibition juror Anthony Whiting

​Whiting Studios


Color is supreme in my love of painting. A symphony of color combined with texture and form produces the emotional driving force in my artwork. Inspiration comes to me from myriads of visual stimuli, especially the colors, textures and forms in nature – the gentle, colorful petals of a flower, the patterns formed in the sand by receding water on a beach, windswept desert dunes, graceful forms of wild birds, aquatic creatures in the Caribbean and even the smallest drop of dew reflecting the morning’s light on a spider’s web.

My inspiration is also a response to the lasting impressions of travel in over forty countries – getting to know people and places and experiencing their culture, their traditions, their art and their crafts. What wonder it is to experience the spiritual nature evoked by a Japanese temple rock garden, a lush oasis in a Sahara desert sand sea, the colors of the sky in glorious sunsets or tender, newly formed leaves of a plant in a garden. Each creates a sense of wonder within me. The spirit of these wonders is often the starting point for my work.

One of the wondrous things about creating art is the joy and surprise resulting from discovery and from carefully planned as well as unanticipated interactions of color, form and textures – the marvel of serendipity! I choose color intuitively, conscious of the energy and vibrations resulting from my choices. I understand and identify with Van Gogh’s statement: “Color in a painting is like enthusiasm in life.”

– Anthony Whiting